The new owners of the 19th Hole kept the old ceiling intact when they remodeled, including tacked up dollar bills.
Photo by: Nick Lovejoy

It's a one-of-a-kind Hole

Friday, August 29, 2008

By Mark Paxton

Dinner's served at a slice of local history

Exterior walls have been stripped down to their original bare wood. The old shotgun blast that peppers the front wall remains. The memorabilia and mounted animal heads are on the walls and the ceiling still contains its trove of tacked-on dollar bills. <<Read More >>


The front of the 19th Hole in Tres Pinos,
which is now serving "booze and food"
after nine weeks of renovations.
Photo by: Jeff Gatlin

Preserving 19th Hole's history
the 'main objective'

Aug 4, 2008

By Jeff Gatlin

The 19th Hole in Tres Pinos is now serving "booze and food" once again - as the menu puts it - after nine weeks of renovations.

The historical establishment, built in 1883, has been extensively restored and remodeled by owners Florian and Lori Barth, who have leased the place to Carlos and Shawna Castillo. The restaurant and bar are sure to be local favorites again, as the pictures hanging on the walls tell the story of a rich history of both Tres Pinos and the 19th Hole... <<Read More >>



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